Original and cheap wedding and party favour ideas for music lovers

The MLC music gadgets have proven again in 2016,  to be excellent and original gift ideas, such as wedding favours, marking places for weddings, events and parties

"Like every year" Davide Calcagno (CEO of Eurasia 1 Srl) says "with the beginning of Spring, comes the time of the ceremonies begin: weddings, christenings, communions, graduations and music theme parties. The attention to the detail in these cases is very important because, as we all know, it's the detail that make the difference. The choice of a party favour, or placeholders, is certainly a detail that has not to be overlooked ... None of us, a guest at a wedding, loves to receive a "dust collector" or objects which, you don’t know where to put later on! We believe that ‘Music Legends Collection’ gadgets, are ‘must have’ products, and really valued by people of all ages.

The MLC “dropshipping” at your e-commerce service!

For a couple of years now, the practice of "dropshipping" has become very popular in e-commerce and has produced impressive results in the development of the turnover of the companies using it.

What is this modern sales model? On one hand we have the seller e-commerce that focuses 100% of its resources and capabilities in the promotion and online indexing of its stores and products, on the other hand we have the wholesaler that deals daily with receiving orders automatically from the online stores of the seller and sending them, on its behalf, directly to the end customer.

This practice allows those selling online not having to deal with purchase of products and manage shipping logistics. Vice versa, wholesalers to be able to concentrate their financial and human resources in the management of the warehouse without distractions from other activities.

Wedding and party favors for unforgettable ceremonies at the rhythm of music

Spring, with its aura of novelty, brings with it a series of ceremonies and events that drive the interested people in getting started in search of small presents and gift ideas that can remind us of a certain recurrence.

The market of the weddings, affirmationsfirst communions and party favors offers, to those who are looking for, an endless choice of gadgets and presents: from the classic to the modern, from the trivial to the most original and from the most expancive to the cheapest one.

Cheap and original gift ideas for music schools, academies and conservatories

Spring is an important season for music students cause many of them approach to the end of the lessons and to the "feared" end of year music recitals.

It is customary for music schools and academies to give to the pupils and students a giftrelated to the activity carried out, that could remember them the experience done.

So, what can be better than a music gadget by Music Legends Collection?!

Original and cheap items for disco, vinyl and music instruments trade shows

International music events, fairs and trade shows are an unmissable opportunity for funs, to admire and touch the instruments, equipments or collector's pieces that stimulate their wishes and, why not, an occasion to meet their favorite artists.

The fairs of music all around the world are constantly expanding: Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Music China in Shanghai and NAMM in Anaehim are just some of the many annual appointments that the calendar offers to all the enthusiasts and workers in the sector.

The peculiarity of these music fairs is the ability to affect multiple areas of the music market: from those of new and used musical instruments, to those of the collectables disc and vinyls, passing for those relating to stereo and sound diffusion systems.

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