Rock presents: original and cheap gift ideas for musicians

Are you a musician or a simply music lover? Do you play in a music band or do you love to collect your favourite artists memorabilia? Do you like the original items or do you feel rock on the road?

Music Legends Collection, thanks to its collection of more than 1000 wonderful and amazing music gadgets, can supply you all that you need to stand out from the masses!

Miniature guitars and instruments, mini drums, colorful and amazing guitar shaped keychains and fridge magnets, cool music themed bags, wallets... are just some of the stunning items available.

Gadgets, merchandising and promotional items for events

In 2014 and 2015 the gadgets "Music Legends Collection" were chosen as promotional merchandise for the international music event "Rock in Rio".

"The customisation of items and gadgets" begins Davide Calcagno CEO of Eurasia 1 Srl "is a very important element to give visibility to musical events, concerts, festivals ... Customizing a product with its own brand means giving continuous force to the brand, overtime. If you are able to propose a customized gadget that, in addition to advertise a brand, can generate an emotion or a utility in those who receive it, well ... bingo! ".

Guitar shaped keychains

We are pleased to introduce you our new collection of wonderful guitar shaped keyrings.

Are you looking for original gift ideas for your customers? Place a trial order now!

A lot of colorful and funny keychains are waiting for you.

Surprise your friend and your customers with a stunning gift

We also have functional displayer solutions available for shops.

Les Villages De Noël - Paris Christmas market - original gift ideas

For the fourth consecutive year, our gadgets ‘Music Legends Collection’ has been the most original and popular gift ideas at the famous Christmas Village in Paris, in the fabulous setting of the Champs-Élysées.

What’s the secret behind this success? “The gifts, ‘Music Legends Collection’ appeal to  both male and females." Stefano Macario, CEO of the Eurasia 1 SRL states (manufacturer, importer and distributor of the series ‘Music Legends Collection’ n.d.r.) "besides, being a gadget associated with an event, that has been inspiring to the musical world for the last 60 years, they appeal to an extensive age range, from 15 to 65/70 year olds.”

To be connected to the musical world it is a key aspect for our products, because the theme of music transforms a simple object into a ‘must have’ product, meaning the public are more inclined to purchase it.

The depth and range of our collections (miniatures, keyrings, bags, ect ...) offers items to the public, ranging in price from € 3 to € 25. It’s ideal for a classic Christmas gift to relatives, friends or colleagues. Finally, we add that most of our gift ideas are hand-made  It is down to this in some part, why we have been a growing success for the past 6 years”

Guitar shaped fridge magnets

Are you bored about the traditional fridge magnets? Are you looking for an original and colorful collection for your hard to please customers?

Our guitar shaped fridge magnets are the right answer to your needs!

Discover all our wonderful collection and decorate your home with our funny and cheap gadgets

An unmissable and amazing occasion to collect your favourite guitar heroe's axes.

Shock your friends with an original gift: perfect as Christmas or birthday presents!

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