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Music Legends Collection since 2010 is the most important worldwide supplier of hand made mini guitars, miniature instruments and amazing music gadgets.

Nomadi 55 years tour - official merchandising

Music Legends Collection is proud to be the official merchandising producer of the 55-year tour of the legendary Italian band Nomadi.

"Thanks to the collaboration with Puntonomadi, official distributor of gadget and products of this legendary Italian band, we have studied the creation of a merchandise that could be appreciated by the thousands of fans that this group contains throughout Italy" explains Davide Calcagno ( CEO of MLC) "The basic idea was to produce a wooden mini guitar 1:4 model scale replica similar to the one played by the band during the concerts with their official logo and with the official logo of the Tour. The result was a unique and extraordinary gadget, which was very much appreciated by the fans of the Emilian band. It will remain into the fan's home a great souvenir object of one of the most important tour of this band".

Do you have a band? Do you want to create a personalized item for your fans and admirers?

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We will be happy to study and develop an emotional project that could be the expression of your music and your history.

The Trip official merchandising

Hi guys, how much do you know about '60s progressive rock?

If you are a true expert in the subject you should know that one of the first prog. rock band that breathe life into this gender of music was the italian band The Trip.

Today Music Legends Collection is proud to produce The Trip official merchandising.

"Thanks to the valuable cooperiation with Pino "Caronte" Sinnone, the last of the original members of the band (witch a very young Ritchie Blackmore for a while was part), we developed a merchaindising that could be appreciated by the thousands of fans that this mythical band has across the world" said Davide Calcagno (CEO of MLC) "The idea of base should be a gift that from one side calls back the typical psichedelic characters of the progressive rock and from the other side keep the symbols of the band success. For this reason we choose to make a miniature guitar 1:4 model scale replica same to the one played by Billy Gray with on the front side the image of the album cover Caronte and on the back side the images of the signatures of the original members. The result was an unique and extraordinary gadget that will be for sure appreciated by the fans of the band. We are also happy for Pino that, through this simply but very much significative gadget, could go forward with the travell  and the memory of this progressive rock band." 

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