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Original and cheap wedding and party favour ideas for music lovers

Original and cheap wedding and party favour ideas for music lovers

The MLC music gadgets have proven again in 2016,  to be excellent and original gift ideas, such as wedding favours, marking places for weddings, events and parties

"Like every year" Davide Calcagno (CEO of Eurasia 1 Srl) says "with the beginning of Spring, comes the time of the ceremonies begin: weddings, christenings, communions, graduations and music theme parties. The attention to the detail in these cases is very important because, as we all know, it's the detail that make the difference. The choice of a party favour, or placeholders, is certainly a detail that has not to be overlooked ... None of us, a guest at a wedding, loves to receive a "dust collector" or objects which, you don’t know where to put later on! We believe that ‘Music Legends Collection’ gadgets, are ‘must have’ products, and really valued by people of all ages.

For newlywed musicians, being able to bring together friends with the same musical tastes, can be a good way to "break the ice", and to ensure that people, unknown to one another, can share and discuss a common interest. So why not use a mini guitar of Metallica, Jimi Hendrix or Pink Floyd as place holders? The choice is almost endless, starting from an assortment of musical gadgets from the '60s to the present day, embracing all generations.




 Take another example, think of the children and youths that are preparing to make their first communion or confirmation in spring. Many of them, despite their young age, already play an instrument, attending music school or simply love music. So why not transmit their passion for music to the guests at their ceremonies? In this way, beautiful keychains or musical instrument magnets become a perfect placeholder, sugared almond decorations, party favours, etc...

Finally, not to be overlooked wedding favours and gifts for the graduates, or an end of year party in the music schools ... With our low cost items, the music will continue to be an integral part of their life, even after these events ".

What else is there to say? Doubtless, the ‘Music Legends Collection’ is an excellent choice to convey an emotion or a passion in our life. So take care of the details, and make your event special! 





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